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Roy H. on


Neighborhood Rental place was a Auto Mechanic/Hair salon/? Sketchy to say the least. Their computer system was down had to struggle to make my rental go thru.



The customer care was fine but if the customer return is not logged in properly it creates horrible situations. Unacceptable!

John C. on


Try getting the equipment from an actual U-Haul store. It was almost impossible to hookup the trailer without being in the middle of the road since it was on a tiny run-down lot and the staff in the salon didn’t seem to really understand the process of using the uhaul partner portal.

Oluwasoji O. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Bryan M. on


Resquested UHaul closest to my move location and this wasn’t the closest (undesirable location). Employee tried to get me to write a check to his business rather than UHaul. Had to call UHaul to clear this up. Credit card machine was not initially working.