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Sue D. on


Pick-up at this location was really quick and easy. It’s not a large location, and I think that made pick-up a little less busy. Our 20 foot truck was upgraded to a 26 foot. It was beautiful, clean, new and huge!!! I was glad I had asked our son-in-law to drive for us. Thanks!!!

Steven S. on


Well, when we returned the U-haul it had 1/8 more gas in the tank and we went over the mileage of just 1.6 miles and was charged! The cost of the extra gas more than covered the .70 cents we were charged. Not too happy about this!!!!!

James J. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

richard H. on


I booked online through your website and received a confirmation email for a location IN PITTSBURGH. You moved my location 20 minutes.OUTSIDE OF PITTSBURGH. This other location is too remote and had no boxes, furniture pads, or any equipment beyond a dolly.

Kasey S. on


The employees were extremely rude to us. They also ignored the fact that we were standing at their counter for at least 2 minutes while they all stood in the garage talking to each other. They only came into the office when the phone rang. When he finally acknowledged us we were informed that the U-Haul rep wasn’t going to show up until 10 am. I was told by a woman who called me from what I can only assume was a regional headquarters that we could pick up the truck at 8:30. The whole experience was frustrating and ridiculously expensive. I will avoid working with U-Haul in the future.