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Testimonials from recent customers of Brooklyn Archway Inc

Overall rating:

Doycho K. on


Let people know that if vehicle not picked up at certain time that it will no longer be available. Provide more clear instructions on location of vehicle where there is not parking lot. Provide point of contact for locations like this that are closed on weekends.

sam R. on


I don’t know if anyone’s going to read this but everything was fine until it was time to return the vehicle. The website says that you’re supposed to leave it at “the lot at 1402 Atlantic Ave” but there is no clear “lot” to leave the truck in. I spoke to 3 different customer service people who asked if there was a lot across the street (there was not) and then told me to just park it somewhere on the street which is difficult to do in Brooklyn. Finally I was just told to leave it in front of the location on Atlantic Ave by the fourth customer service person. The directions on where to leave the truck for 1402 Atlantic Ave just needs to be more clear, it was overall incredibly frustrating.

Yakir D. on


Worst car return i ever had, first the location was close and you can’t even see the buissnes name because the store sign is faded. I had to look for street parking maybe 1 hour because there is not parking on the street, this is really bad that you don’t have specific parking lot for your trucks. I’m just not happy with your service, i won’t use it anymore.

Ashwin P. on


It was the worst experience ever. Couldn’t figure out how to get key for self pick-up. Found out later it was hidden in a lock box ambiguously behind a random wall. Had to call main customer support line several times which eventually transferred me to the field manager. Even then, when I returned the key, the manager said he would end my reservation and he didn’t. It was still active 5 hours later. I had to call customer support again. Seems like whoever is running this location is running a front or something. Very weird experience. U-Haul app needs a ton of work too

Dov C. on


Charged me for an extra day, on the phone and at the return location they said they will only charge for one day