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Terry S.

Unfortunately they don't or didn't have any of the equipment/supplies that I signed up for (cart and two dozen pads).

Kailey S.

They didn't know what they were doing but took 2 hours to complete the pickup because of credit card issues. I'm not sure if it was them or Uhaul. They ran my card and my grandfathers card and neither one went though even though the funds were there. I had to be on the phone with main Uhaul customer service to get transaction completed. I would drive out of my way before I would use this place again. If I could rate them less than poor I would. I would rate them terrible.

InnerCity I.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Parth S.

Nice guy but no reason I should have had to uber over half an hour from where I wanted to pick it up. And then only to find out this place doesn't have the equipment I booked, nor any moving or shipping supplies which I was told could be purchased at pickup by a uhaul rep. Once again, not the shops fault. Just poor service by Uhaul

Sineadh C.

terrible experience. manager was not on site and did not answer my phone call when trying to pick-up the truck at the listed location. had to call uhaul multiple times to reach help. unprofessional! manager tried to sell automobile mechanic work from his personal shop, talked about how he was driving the truck around, gas tank was on empty upon arrival, did not have requested dolly equipment in the truck that I had paid for. I WILL NEVER USE UHAUL AGAIN AS THIS WAS A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

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