Customer Reviews for Coal Grove Pharmacy

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Testimonials from recent customers of Coal Grove Pharmacy

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Tracie W. on


Not sure who screwed up if uhaul or pharmacy but they gave away my truck! Had to wait an hour and half for the person to return it then the gas wasn’t what they said it was. Complained to uhaul about all this they gave me a discount but to me it wasn’t enough. Waiting on this uhaul put me behind in loading everything up and worked into the dark doing so...Very disappointed with uhaul

alvin M. on


I was overcharged what the rate I was given on line when I reserved the truck and was supposed to come with a appliance dolly but didn’t and no one around had one available.

Glen R. on


Renting from a small pharmacy isn’t a good idea. Issues with check-in. Got blocked in by pharmacy customer. Not a good area to pull out in. My actual address wasn’t used to assign a drop off location close to my home.