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Wayne L. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Angel S. on


Got two flat tires on the trip down. Not sure who's fault that is, but they probably should have looked the trailer over better. That said the customer service was great and had no other issues. I would recommend.

JOHN J. on


Had mechanical trouble with equipment rented. Regional manager said we'd get some sort of credit for our inconvenience. Still waiting.

Cory G. on


Dropped it off after hours so did not talk to anyone



The U-Haul software needs some work - it's so incredibly slow that it fairly consistently causes huge frustration to both dealers and clients.

Tara S. on


Maybe. But we were in there for over an hour. The employee was having trouble with the Uhaul rental program. Apparently there was a glitch in the system.

murray l. on


Very pleased with being able to get high-quality equipment in a handy location at a great price.