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The uhaul app sucks. It was a complete pain in the ass and waste of time. My location was changed, the time was verified for 30 mins BEFORE the location opened. When I tried to use the website to pick up the van, it started asking for a passport and all sorts of info I was not prepared to provide. Why wasn’t I told I’d need all this crap 5 days ago when I submitted the EXACT SAME INFORMATION WHEN I RESERVED THE VAN. I also kept having to take pictures of myself over and over, only to have them rejected by some faceless douchebag named Brian. It was a totally shitty experience, and I’ll never use your piece of shit app again. Fortunately, the dude that owned the place I picked the van up at swooped in and made it happen. If it weren’t for him, I’d never fuck with your shitty ass company again.

Vicki B. on


All I can say I ssd's Thank you for all you did to make my move as easy as possible.

willa r. on


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