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Letitia C. on


We arrived at 10:00 am and so did some others. Hina was not open. The people (owners) arrived about 10 mins. later.

David B. on


was not the original place I reserved at. received call to verify reservation and was told this place was the closest that had what I needed. I was on a strict schedule. this placed stated it opened at 9am which would have made my time line tight. I arrived at 8:45 to be ready to get everything done and get on the road. the person did not arrive until a little after 9:30am. I went in to complete the process but was held up more due to the attendant couldn't get the system to assign the car dolly out she had to call the area manager who stated that her phone screen was too small to accommodate. after 20 more minutes was finally able to leave and attempt to get to my location on time but to no avail. when returning store was closed for lunch (1-4) so dropped off in front of the camera

Michael T. on


This place charged an additional 40 dollars for a late return. The vehicle was returned at 10:30 a.m on June 30, 2019. No one was even present at the location during the return. I was also told I could drop the unit off at any location, where as this one out of my way and thus required more fuel. To also include having to drive an hour out of my way to rent this garbage of a truck. What poor customer service to charge someone more money when they are not even open to know when the truck was returned. Saying it was returned at 4:30 p.m in the afternoon is fraudulent. I'll be recouping this money either by directly contacting the corporate office or to be sure others just don't purchase through a company who doesn't even have a representative there to collect.

Jillian W. on


she put our reservation in as a In town when she was told we would be doing a one way and dropping it off at a different location. She said she went in and changed it and that she also called customer service and changed it and told us to go ahead and drop it off at the location we chose in McDonough. Because of this we were charged a double $86 one way fee. She did not call customer service and she lied to us when she stated she had gone in and changed it. I had to spend 45 minutes on the phone with customer service resolving the issue.

Angela R. on


Everything was great

Samuel E. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Bruce G. on


this location is in a dangerous area, and the supplies I ordered were not available at the location.