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James T.

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Vincent S.

i chose this location because It is right across the street from my house. The pick up of the unit was OK except that she said she had no printer and could not print out my contract. I thought no big deal she emailed it to me. The problem was when I return the unit. She apparently had a $14 insurance charge to my reservation that I did not add when I booked it online. I did not know this because I did not get to see my final bill except my email after I left the location. I want the $14 refunded because I did not authorize that purchase. Also when I returned it I purchased gasoline from them to replace what I had used As the contract requires. I asked her what she needed for me before I park the truck where she asked me to Parkette and she said nothing after I Parkette and came back in the store she wanted me to give her the mileage I told her how many miles I have used and she could not add the starting mileage and the number of miles used to come up with the ending mileage. Part of the problem I'm sure it was a language barrier and she barely speaks English. In short I will not be returning to this location and would never recommend anyone else go there. Again I want my $14 refunded that she had to my reservation without my consent.

Danielle B.

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Larry M.


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