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Callie T.

Well the battery died twice and I had to call someone for a jump. Then the ramp wouldn't go back in. So called uhaul and they said 90 min wait. Then he said he was told to repo it at 12:00 at night. It's me my dog and my handicapped daughter. He talks smart to us cause he has to follow us home to unload a chair snd hand trucks then he follows us back where we rented it so I could get my car. He said he didn't have all night to follow us around. Well then he should repo it when it's not rented. This was a disaster!!

David K.

My issue is not with JCS Repair. My issue is with Uhaul corporate. They sent me to pick up a truck they knew was questionable in the first place. Made me go to two separate locations to pick up my order. Getting in touch with a real person from the place you rented the truck is a joke. The national call center is about useless. Nice people they just can't do anything.

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