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clayton H. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Joyce H. on


Friendly and professional

Robert F. on


Friendly and helpful.

Kimberly P. on


Dropped off outside

Jillian G. on


Nothing. Awesome staff. Really helpful. ??????

Amanda H. on


Very nice.

Jessica B. on


I had a really bad experience with U-Haul. I’ve rented before and never have had an issue like this. The place I choose to rent wasn’t open for me to get a truck. I called multiple times and nobody was working. I waited a while because I really needed the truck. I had other people waiting on me to move furniture. I called U-Haul and they gave me to option to download the app and do a self rental. I tried that but was having problems with the app. I called for help and the customer service representative was very rude. No apologies, she told me I was sent a text with a video. I told her the video wasn’t working. She was no help. She said I’d have to wait a few moments and maybe it was user error. I tired the app again and I tried the website for more information. The app gave me no option to take a picture of mileage or damage to the truck. The truck was a little over half a tank of gas. I will avoid U-Haul in the future. Too much of a hassle.

Jaime S. on


I returned equipment advised the woman who rented it to me I would not be coming inside at drop off. She instructed me to leave in space where it was parked when I picked up. However equipment wasn't checked in for 3 days. I wasn't aware of this until I received a call from uhaul stating equipment wasn't returned.

Christopher S. on


Easy pick up and drop off

Jerry P. on


Went to pick up truck and the pick up site was closed... they didn’t say anything about it being closed on that day... but luckily the guy that works there was willing to come in and help us... put me behind on my moving schedule but in the end it all worked out

thomas L. on