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Stacy F.

No one there to check vehicle in. No idea when they actually came in because I got a late notice/recovery email because the truck still had not been checked in 5 days later. Left vehicle with way more gas than it started with. Returning it was WAY more stressful than it needed to be.

Lynette S.

The Uhaul online service was exceptional and was able to pick up my truck with no issues. The online service to pick up the truck is such an exceptional way to do business and will use them again! Thanks UHaul.

Joseph D.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Nicolle I.

Store hours said it was open at 9:00. We showed up at 10 and no one was there. A person showed up at 10:15 but didn't know anything about uhaul returns and couldn't help us. We had to go online to return. I didn't have good cell reception so it was a nightmare. Took me almost an hour to return the uhaul. I'll never use your service again and uhaul should drop K Mini storage as a return site.

Lateena C.

Close down!! This was by far, the suckiest experience with U Haul EVER!! It took me FOREVER to get my truck ( I ordered a 10 foot and was given a 15 foot). The truck acted like it wanted to break down the whole time! Ridiculous service from beginning to end! Not to mention the numerous PRETZELS they have you twist into trying to obtain the piece of shit! U Haul is bullshit!! WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH U HAUL!!! You WILL be disappointed GUARANTEED!!!

John A.

Don't fuck my truck reservation up. You made me wait on hold outside the location for an hour while you assholes fixed the reservation. If you are going to fuck up my reservation, do it while I am still at home, not after I have driven for hours to get to the pick up. I will never use the UHaul truck share again and you can be damn sure I will spread the word that your service is shit.

Gordon R.

Pick up at a different location. The extra equipment I rented and paid for was not in the van.

WILLIAM B. | Overall Experience |

No issues, all went well Meagan was helpful and a pleasure to deal with!

Gary P.

No one was at the location. I waited 1/2 hour and then called U-Haul. A manager gave me the code to a lockbox and I was able to get the key. He did give me pads and a dolly at no charge but I had to go to a different loccation to pick them up.

Denise C.

Megan was very helpful! She helped me figure out a truck when I was in a jam, because the other place I went to pick up my UHAUL was closed and no employee was there. So I called the 800 number, and they found a truck at this location.

Keith W.

Excellent experience. Don't change anything!

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