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chandra j. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Humberto A. on


Great people

brenda w. on


Same review!

Lowell D. on


The biggest issue I have is with reservations because this was 20 minutes from where I requested to pick up. Also, they did not have all of the equipment (blankets) that I requested, so I had to go to another location. I have still yet to hear from the coordinator that a credit was issued to my credit card because of the inconvenience.

olivia p. on



Misty D. on


They did not know how to operate the site. Did not have the trailer I had reserved and the ONE trailer they had had a busted axle. The posted hours were till 7pm yet there was I continuously got an answering machine when calling to get directions to the location and when I finally found it I Had to search for them. The lady was very polite however I had to explain the difference between assurance and insurance to her and to her astonishment I was correct. I lost valuable time needed driving 30 miles each way as well as spending over an hour at the location trying to sort it all out and ultimately was not able to get a trailer till the following day in another town.