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Richard B. on


location had no printer and could not check me in because the "system was down". Also I requested 12 moving pads which i never got but was charged for and the location said they could not remove the charge. Also picked truck up with 1/4 tank of gas, not cool.

Marisa R. on


Same as above

carla d. on


Horrible, I had to wait 5 and One Half Hour to receive my Truck including wrong High Fees and Charges.

Jeffrey S. on


The most dangerous place I have been to in 25 years. It was practically a crack house. I was uncomfortable being there. You should be disgraced to have this as part of your brand. They didn't know how to check me in. After almost an hour, I figured it out myself on your app. A disgrace considering the amount of $$ I spent. They should be fired and our you should be. If my wife had to return this without me, I would have feared for her life. Disgusting !!!!!!!!! Thank you for sending me a medium for me to communicate this to you. I was going to email you somehow to let you know how bad it was. And relative to that. if you think it was bad, double it, and you might come close to how it was. Thank you for listening...

Taoiu Z. on


I rent a 15ft truck at least 5times a month from this location and the only reason I am coming is because of joe. Greasy customer service

Warren C. on


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