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Patrick S.

Regional manager Jeff was the only thing that kept this a good experience. The owner of the location wasn't around during pickup and the trailer was only a couple inches off the ground and covered in ice from the storm the day before. My pickup was scheduled at 10am. It would've been nice to have the trailer tongue somewhat ice free in anticipation of pickup and at a workable height. I had to wonder around the lot and find bits of wood to stack up to raise the tongue for hookup. Then upon return the website was glitching when noting cleanliness to which Jeff fixed. Again. I can't say enough good thing about manager Jeff! The location ehh not so much.


Change Location!


Ah, the guy I dealt with was great from beginning to end. I mean the location wasn't what i expected at all but it served its purpose.

Charles H.

The drop off was a mechanic site, the guy was great. Very nice, the facility was a old garage, but the location was perfect for drop off. Outside of town and easy to access.


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Scott W.

He said he would be there at 8 am. He was not. The parking lot was full of deep potholes. Dangerous. I'm glad the Truck Share worked.

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