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William F. on


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francs R. on


She may have been Jamaican but she did not understand anything that I was speaking. She was unaware why I was there. The vehicle transporter came off as I was trying to back it into a small space and she claimed it was broken and proceeded to take pictures. I noted to her that there Is a high draulic tool that lifts up to wear you can hitch it back to the truck, she wanted to leave it lying there. I'm 9 months pregnant and didnt have the energy turn the hydraulic being that I drove 7 hours from Indiana to Georgia including loading and unloading the vehicle. I had ask a bystander to turn it for me in order for me to take my own pictures to show that it was not damaged. She took the keys and checked the mileage and gas and proceeded to lock the door while my daughter was still sitting in the truck because it was raining. I had to tell her to let my child out before she locked the door. The woman walked back into the facility and said nothing further. I asked for a text or an email stating that it was dropped off, she just kept implying that the people will send me something soon. What people? I had to call the Uhaul place from pickup to confirm to them that it was indeed dropped off with no issues. Uhaul should truly take the place off as one of their drop off locations.