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Patrick G. on


The drop off situation was totally not cool. I reserved a one-way to drop at the big U-Haul location (Speedway Blvd. Daytona) that is open on Sundays and that I am familar with. After many confirmations, when I go to pick up the truck in Sanford, FL, they tell me it is a different drop location. I said, "is it open on Sundays." "Yes, or your app will tell you another location." I only requested the truck for 6 hours. I trusted your people and your system. The location I was instructed to drop was in a sketchy neighborhood. No sign with the business name that was on the contract and no U-Haul sign. Not open. Drove around the block a couple of times to really make sure I was in the right place. No other U-Haul trucks around either. Nothing. I was getting ready to request another drop location. Had it not been for a guy fixing the AC in this place I would have never have dropped. He said, "yeah the lady that owns this takes U-Haul drops." I called the phone number on the contract as instructed - twice - no answer. Because the guy was there I took dolly, furniture cart, blankets out and put them in the office which is the size of a hallway with the keys. Had it not had some U-Haul stuff in there, I would not have dropped. It could have been anywhere and anybody. He said, yeah good idea to not leave any of that in the truck in this neighborhood. I went by the facility at 3:30pm on Sunday on my way home and the truck was still there. I'm moving into a neighborhood where a lot of people that don't know Daytona are moving. I happened to know Daytona. I recommend they go to the nicest U-Haul drop you have in the area if you don't want them to go crazy on Facebook bashing U-Haul. I'm not going to do that. I think everyone's intentions were good, but improvements could be made. That why you are asking the question right?