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charis T. on


Nice clean truck. Enjoyable experience

Philip R. on


We were sent all over to Natick ma, then Franklin ma. There was a truck there but we were told we couldn’t have that one- I was told to go to natick ma. But they were closing in natick so no after hours pickup was available. I got put on hold several times for 15-20 minutes each time. Then I had to call back a couple times. It was mental cruelty!! Finally a nice lady said she would have to cancel the first reservation and opened up another reservation. When I asked where to pick up the truck she said West Virginia or Pennsylvania. That was crazy since we are in Massachusetts. She finally found a truck- the only one available in Pawtucket ri. I had to drive all the the way there and yourexpress checkout is a nightmare. I was assured more than once that I would receive a $50 credit but seeing the final bill I was not given any credit. I want that money sent back to my account. And the reservation is not in Philip Revell name it is in my name Roberta Revell. Please respond to this email. ASAP. Thank you.

Pierre L. on


No one answered the phone I was instructed to call once I arrived. I was moving and did not have time to wait around for someone to answer so I left the truck there with the keys locked inside since the location was on a busy road and I did not want to leave keys anywhere where they could be found. The representative called me and was completely unprofessional. He questioned my intelligence and "common sense." There was no information about a drop box and no signage on the Pizza Works window that would have led me to go inside the store. He then told me it would be charged for a lock fee after he agreed that this would have never happened if someone would have picked up the phone I was instructed to call on the signed contract. He never called me back and I was charged an after hours fee although I dropped it off within the parameters of the reservation. I was extremely unhappy with this transaction and the lack of professionalism by the Uhaul associate who told me was a Manager

jerry C. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Emad M. on


The man was very nice and helpful very kind he ask us if we need any help offer us water and let us know how much we will be paid very nice location and close to everything thanks a lot to the manger there he made our process very easy

James K. on


The gentleman did not have a printer I did not get a copy of my signed contract it took me two hours to check out at the original time of the rental I had to haul to extend my rental because he wanted to charge me and then he called me yelling at me because the truck was late and I called U-Haul directly and they told me I had 26 hours he does not know what he’s doing and he needs more training