Customer Reviews for Pulaski Gas & Mini Art Inc

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Testimonials from recent customers of Pulaski Gas & Mini Art Inc

Lilly V.

Take a picture of the fuel tank. When I got in truck it was at 3/4 so when I returned I put the gas back at 3/4 and they charged me saying I didn’t have a full tank of gas. Then they charged me for extra insurance. I told them I didn’t want this but they charged it anyway.

Cynthia L.

The gas was level was less than what it had been noted to be at. I emailed for a follow up question and never heard a response. Would not recommend. Poor customer service.

Rosio C.

I spent close to an hour waiting at this location when I had my reservation confirmed 2 days prior. The gas station attendee initially told me I had to contact the "person " (in charge, I assumed as he was not able to provide any information). I called the number online and was direct back to the gas station attendee. Once I started calling uhaul he then decided to tell me he was contacting the person. He pretty much complained about how busy he was and having responsibility of managing was too much especially since he didn't have access to it. When he finally got ahold of this person, I complained about it and had no apology nor empathy. Needless to say, it was not an easy process; the wait time and customer experience were bad.

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