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Melanie J. on


This was the worst experience i've ever had. Not only was i at a desperate time and place, very serious need of a dental, but i was so taken advantage of abs literally SCREWED OVER by UHaul. I was charged $114.00 and did not get the truck for a full24 hours the first d day andi also, after having paid all that money, was NOT GIVEN A CHOICE as to the location i was returning it so i HAD TO PAY EXTRA MILEAGE COST TO RETURN IT TO THE LOCATION THEY SPECIFIED. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY MORE MONEY TO RETURN THE RENTAL TO WHERE THEY TOLD ME I HAD TO RETURN IT--- ANOTHER 27 MILES THAT I DID NOT HAVE A CHOICE IN. I'M APPALLED AND I'M TURNING THIS MATTER INTO THE BBB. I ALSO HAD A HORRIBLE REACTION TO THE CHEMICAL USED INSIDE THE RENTAL. This has been the most horrible, COSTLY AND MENTALLY DRAINING experience i've ever had and i'm going to report it to everyone i can and i'm considering hiring an attorney.