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Megan O.

Upon my return, I filled my vehicle's tank with gas but the gas gauge did not show this (it showed the tank as only 1/4 full), causing the associates I was returning the vehicle to to initially charge me for not refueling. I had to explain that I HAD filed the tank and one of the associates had to drive the vehicle himself before the gauge went up to full. They also initially charged me for a 2 day rental instead of the 1 because I returned the vehicle an hour and 45 mins late, which is somewhat understandable, but when I first asked where the extra charge was coming from, they were not able to tell me and gave me several incorrect answers before looking it up and removing the charge.


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Jill S.

The gentleman who assisted me was absolutely the kindest, nicest, most helpful person I have ever met. Will definitely be my first choice in rental in the future and will refer friends and family to his establishment.

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