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Julie J. on


Already have recommended! Very clean equipment and no issues!

Meadow T. on


It is so nice to have this available right up the road! I used to have to go 30 minutes away to rent a uhaul and I would rather give the business to my local favorite store! Awesome Service!

Dax G. on


Staff had very little understanding of turning in a vehicle. Had to personally call the one person that understood the next day after turn-in

Craig H. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Scott B. on


The personnel were very helpful. They are why I gave an EXCELLENT rating. There was a disconnect between the store personnel and the Uhaul rental personnel for this site. But in the end, all was taken care of. On another note, this form has a grammatical error in a question above: "WAS the personnel..." should read "WERE the personnel..."