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sandra H.

The people were super nice and helpful


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Mohammad A.

People was very nice and truck has only 25 miles brand new.

James M.

The van had a very heavy smell of cigarette smoke. So heavy it made my young passenger feel ill. Otherwise, the van was clean and in good condition. U-Haul corporate changed my pick up location from the original contract location .... apparently the original location no longer rents U-Haul. It would have been nice if U-Haul had informed me of the change prior to my pick up date. I went to the original location as planned, just to find out they were not a U-Haul location anymore. And trying to contact U-Haul for support is terrible. I called 4 separate times, on hold over 20 minutes each time .... finally gave up. So, my U-Haul experience this time was quite poor! But I won't hold that against the pick up location. These are mostly U-Haul corporate failures!!!!

Faisal R.

I Took a picture of mileage /dashboard when i drop the truck and mileage was 7032 when I drop But under invoice it's says 7037, why? On the website per mileage was $0.69 but under invoice it's says $0.89, why? This is the very small increase in my invoice but my experience with this facility is not good. This never happened to me with any other location. That is CHEATING. Shame on to this location that they can be so cheap And so such act for few bucks.

Joe P.

You were great your professionalism,honesty and friendliness will be remembered and told to anyone i know interested in a rental

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