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Jerry S. | Overall Experience |

Customer did not leave a comment.

Abby W. | Overall Experience |

Unit was locked twice because my unit # and someone else’s unit # ( who hadn’t paid) got mixed up & it was stated to me it could not be corrected. Twice when I went to retrieve items from my unit I was locked out. Resulting in about a 1/2 hr wait time to get someone to come & take the lock off. Nothing was done to correct this problem

PAUL B. | Overall Experience |

Account didnt't close properly for some reason and I got hit with a bill for the current month. Aggravating issue especially in that I came in to the office and saw one of the managers and he logged it in. I left the door wide open after I cleaned the unit and left. Also tells me your security is not as good as you think it is; open doors are a signal to check. Thanks for the free month and the good team you have at the store. I'd use you again.

James O.

No access through gate. No key drop off box. No response to phone calls or intercom.

James M. | Overall Experience |

So thankfull for a full service uhaul facility 12 mile from home.

Jadryn Z.

We returned our UHAUL and was not given a location to drop off the key customer care, after over an hour wait told us to leave the key underneath the drivers seat and to lock the doors I am doing so now and am taking a video. I asked the representative to send me an email confirming that we should leave the key underneath the drivers seat with all doors locked considering I have no proof other than his word over the phone no such email was sent

Geneva M. | Overall Experience |

All my experiences with Uhaul has been great thanks for saving me!

Kelly k. | Overall Experience |

Everything was great, the only problem was the gate wasn’t working.

Kenwana H. | Overall Experience |

David is a awesome guy

ronald r. | Overall Experience |

I Thank YOU

eric s. | Overall Experience |

People, particularly David, were very helpful.

MICHAEL M. | Overall Experience |

Very bad experience with the staff over the course of 1 year+ rental, always poor service whenever I had to interact with them.

Korey S. | Overall Experience |

Great Staff.

Kelly M. | Overall Experience |

When I moved into the storage, it had not been swept out and the gate was broken (not secure). When I moved out, there was a dead rat nearby. I had called 3 times to say I was moving out of storage.

Jackie D. | Overall Experience |

One of the bathrooms was out of order and the functioning was filthy. The storage unit was not climate controlled like I ordered, it was dirty and the gate was not properly working for weeks.

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