Customer Reviews for U-Haul Storage of Fargo

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Testimonials from recent customers of U-Haul Storage of Fargo

Overall rating:

Keighla H. on


I had nothing but trouble in EVERY transaction and experienced nothing but delays. They cannot even answer their phone not respond to corporate telling them to contact their customer!

David K. on


We'll use uhaul for all my moving and storage needs.

erika v. on


The staff helped me quickly obtain a safe storage unit with 24 hr access. No fuss or complications. That meant a lot to me. Thank-you.

Brooke B. on


I did not like the water damage in my unit when they told me they were going to fix it

Kaleb F. on


They were supposed to put a note on my account that my move out date would be April but they kept asking for April's payment when my stuff had been out and I hadn't been using their service.

robert l. on


very helpful

Ann S. on


The only thing i did not understand is why the unit could not be prorated?We just needed 1 extra day to be out and uhaul wanted to charge us a whole month..Could someone explain to me the reasoning ?

Rachel L. on


Everything was great, i just wish I could have gotten a refund for this month because i closed my account the day after getting billed on autopay.

Niketa P. on


Only thing I didn’t like was how much the price was and the late fees are extremely expensive. I thought you supposed to have a grace period

Nichole S. on


Unit leaked water. Called and emailed and told them I had vacated the unit and 1 1/2 months later I'm still receiving emails/letters about them threatening to sell my belongings for non payment.