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Aalap H.

Not entirely clear it's a UHaul spot. Kinda hidden. No staff present. Good hours and helpful staff, though

Keith M.

Improve I haul signage. The address building was for a completely unrelated business and a very small uhaul sign tilting upward out of view on a pole was only seen after a 3rd drive pass. Even a uhaul sticker or emblem on the front door would have really helped identify. Employees very courteous and quick to process the rental greatly appreciated.

Suzu K.

too much to write in this box. .

Joseph V.

Customer did not leave a comment.


They took almost an hour to check-out the truck. The truck was newer but it had lots of sand and peanuts loose on the floor. The truck had been parked under a low hanging tree and there were large bull ants on the windshield and later noticed them crawling throughout the cab and they even bit my passenger and I on the ankles. I had to stop and get bug spray to try and kill the rest. I told the attendant when he was checking the truck back in but he didn't seem too interested. It took almost an hour to check in as well and they only have 1 truck and no other customers in the location.

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