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Andrew S. on


Have equipment at the location it was reserved at. — I had to drive an additional 48 miles round trip because the 5 x 8 trailer in Irondequoit was “local only.” Also, I had elected for SafeTow in my original reservation, but it was removed when I picked up the trailer. I had to spend over an hour on the phone to rectify that situation. The pick up situation was a total mess and not what I have ever experienced in all the times I’ve worked with UHaul in the past. It bears mentioning, the guy at the pick up location was helpful and it certainly wasn’t his fault. I also was grateful for the help I received from Sheila at customer service, who helped me on the phone. The staff at the Irondequoit Ovation were fantastic also, they helped me with my lights.

yair G. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Lori K. on


When I tried getting the key from the lockbox, it wasn't there. Had to call Dave & he came right down & helped me.