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We were impressed with the good service we received from Jon and the rental truck was very clean. The only minor thing we would suggest is that we had difficulty finding the office because UHaul is not posted on the door and a sign would make it easier for customers to find it.

gary H. on


It was a little further than I wanted to drive to pick up the truck but the service was very good.

carol H. on


We had problems with the drop off information provided us. We went to that location, which was quite far from our home, and they didn't do the work there. They sent us back to a place in San Juan Capistrano which is where we wanted to be in the first place.

James T. on


Unattended facility, had to call uhaul and wait 30 minutes for guidance

Tae P. on


It was quick and easy to return. Only thing I would recommend is that they have Road sign that sticks our from all those Trees in Washington.

Jim N. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Marie B. on


They were new, and not well set up to receive customers yet, but once they get sorted out, they will be great :)

Paul M. on


We originally rented a 10' truck. It turned out not to be large enough. The dispatch folks found us a 15' alternative, we were able to return the 10' without any issue, and pick the 15' up with almost no problems (it was a new service location, so there are still some bugs in their system, plus the combo of return/new rental caused some confusion, which was quickly addressed). Great work on part of everyone, and our sincere thanks.