Moving Truck Rental in Demopolis, AL at Climate Storage of Demopolis
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1216 Jefferson Rd   Demopolis, AL 36732

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1216 Jefferson Rd
Demopolis, AL 36732

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

Always Open On Your Smartphone

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It's the way we allow you to pick up your truck at anytime, day or night, using your mobile device. We are always open on your smartphone to Make Moving Easier©.

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One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Demopolis, AL 36732

U-Haul has the largest selection of in-town and one-way trucks and trailers available in your area. U-Haul offers an easy moving process when you rent a truck or trailer, which include: cargo and enclosed trailers, utility trailers, car trailers and motorcycle trailers. Combine your moving efforts by renting a truck and a trailer from U-Haul today.

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    We have the largest selection of new trucks!

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    Trailers & Towing

    Our cargo and utility trailers start at $14.95!

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I suggest have dolly equipment available when necessary. I requested it & didn't receive it but was still charged after calling letting them know it was not on the truck.

Twynetter M. 
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