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We load and unload your stuff with high quality care.

U loading trucks and traliers
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  • The company was fairly bad. I paid for 2 people and only 1 showed up. Additionally when I spoke to the person who said he was the owner he originally told me he wasnt going to call a second man. They were late both days by 30+ mins. The one guy who came on the first day stated that they arent even directly working for camdens. He stated that they are contacted through craigs list.

    Kelly S.

    The workers are through Camdyns sir. We dropped Anniston off our service area a few weeks ago and still tried to accommodate your needs I am so sorry everyone is not perfect.

  • Very kind, hard workers!

    Lisa T.
  • Awesome and worked hard! Super appreciative of their help!

    Robert B.

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