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G.I.G.S Moving Assistance provides the experience and special care of your items being move. We offer a variety of moving assistance in your moves. Primarily focus on attention to detail and instructions. Operating hours 9am- 6pm.

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  • Calvin and Brian were awesome. Friendly and efficient!

    Megan S.
  • One of the movers, who I was told was a novice, was late 15 min to the job. Still, they were cordial during the move. That is, until I approached them over the phone the next day after unpacking and checking my items, and noticed damages. One of the men who did the unloading picked up and when I tried to gently explain the situation, he very rudely told me that God stands behind him and that I’m lying. I’m baffled by the response and rudeness and would not recommend this company.

    Kathleen C.

    Good day. Apologies for your concerns. Your deamonor tells a different story. Based on us completing unload only within 50 minutes, I believe you didn't feel the 2hr charge was valid. You mention since you paid for two hours. You requested us to attach tv base as we were done loading our equipment up looking for more to do. We obliged, 4 screws. Then you asked if the slats that we attach to rails that hold the boxspring, if it was easy for you to unscrew later with a screw driver. ??? Where was the damage then? You placed the TV box next to bed. Idk. Yes the Creator sees everything.

    G I G S Moving Assistance
  • The truck rental company’s computer crashed and I could not rent a truck. GIGS. Fit my move in the next day and the arrived on time.

    KEVIN T.

    Thank you for choosing us. Many blessings.

    G I G S Moving Assistance

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