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We have loads of moving experience and have been serving the Tampa, Sarasota, Lakeland areas for almost 10 years! We specialize in loading and unloading of your rented truck, UBox, POD, Packrat, storage facility and more. Give us a call and we'll give it our all!

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  • The movers were slow, unprofessional, and lazy. I moved more of my stuff then they did. They also did not care for my items, dropping several boxes down the stairs and haphazardly loading the truck.

    Kristen M.

    This review is not truthful AT ALL! We had a LONG WALK just to the parking garage. Then we either had to walk an extra 300’ around and up the garage ramp EACH FLOOR to the 3rd floor (so an extra 600’ walk, with cars coming in and out) OR take 4 flights of steps. Then another 150’ walk to your apartment. Your boxes were HEAVY & OVERPACKED, making it near impossible to take the stairs without risk of them falling or coming apart (1 small box did fall, with nothing broken) & your 6pc sectional didn’t fit down the stairwell very well, making us go through the parking garage ramp. Mind you, we were in a 110 degree heat advisory for all of this. You claim to have done more work, but your trips consisted of the faster stairs with small items (1 or 2 at a time) while we had FULL DOLLY LOADS. The ONE time you tried to take a dolly load, you had to sit 20 minutes to catch your breath!!! When we started, you claimed you didn’t care how long it took and not to overdue ourselves and that your company was paying for your move. Once the 3rd hour hit, it was a whole different story and THAT is when you kept trying to rush everything. It took us 4 ½ hours and only charged you for 3 AND gave you 2 ratchet straps FOR FREE since we felt bad for you. Knowing this BS review you just gave us, I SHOULD have charged you the 2 hours over!!! And you were happy with our load at the end. Sounds like you were looking for a free move from the jump, to be honest.

    JJ's Movers
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    Rob H.

    Thank you for the 5 stars. It was our pleasure working with you!

    JJ's Movers
  • JJ was awesome and his crew was quick and careful. If I ever need moving help again I will call JJ.

    Sandra A.

    Thank you, Sandra. We had fun working with you today. We hope you have a safe trip. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again if you ever move back down!

    JJ's Movers

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