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Based out of Malden, MA

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Located in the Greater Boston Area. Help with moving of boxes and furniture of potential clients from one location to another and help moving college boxes for student from their location to a U-Haul for storage or FEDEX for shipping.

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    $360.00 USD

    Note: This provider offers a discounted hourly rate of $160.00 per hour after 3 hours

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  • I hired Westworld International to load two Uhaul trucks we rented. Working with Timothy was very smooth. The crew was right on time and did a great job loading our home contents which included some very heavy items. He was very clear and up front about the process and pricing. I will definit

    Sam G.

    Thank very much Sam it was great and a pleasure working for you and helping with all your delicate antique furnitures. Thanks for tipping my workers I really appreciate you.

    Westworld International LLC
  • Please refund - they didn't show up and then called me after to say they can come 3 hours after alotted time.

    Julia S.
  • Worst movers ever! They damaged a valuable headboard by not packing it correctly and refused to take responsibility for the damage for what will be costly repairs. Job started off with the owner calling me an hour before the job and demanding that I pay an additional $400 for staircases I had alread

    Kathryn B.

    Kate will be going to her local court for false claims and she hired 2 movers and I sent 4 movers for her for additional amount and she refused want to pay.

    Westworld International LLC

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