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  • They went above and beyond. I needed extra help and they were there for me! Just awesome!

    Lynn B.
  • So much went wrong that I wish I'd followed my instincts to switch movers beforehand. I called a few days after booking because I had not heard from you. The first thing you said before even hello was that you were going to charge me $40 for being on the 2nd floor. This should be in your profile or counted in your Summer pricing. I ended of course paying you an extra $185 cash for my 3rd U-Box which you didn't mention a charge until after you had my box filled. I didn't like the upcharging -- I felt pressured to pay. I was trying to keep up a good attitude during a stressful move but I'm so hurt and disappointed. I wish you'd communicated better about what you would like to see and that you'd responded to my text and calls beforehand. It was hot.You were mad-upset & also admitted being double booked. It's 4 hr sched move so you said you'd come back the next day, but couldn't and ghosted me. I hired another wonderful mover but lost a day. This was my 4th MH job. p.s. The guys were nice.

    Adaeze N.
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    Kevin C.

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