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We have a country style courtesy and make every move joyous to relieve the stress and tension of moving. Plus highest review % and I am proud to say that my pack jobs don't damage furniture in transit

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  • They were very nice and fast. However, they stacked the boxes in the back to the very top, knowing the whole truck would not be filled completely. This caused the top half of all of the boxes to topple, mattress bent down, and I don't know if anything is broken. I had to spend extra time fixing how the truck was packed. I'm glad I checked before heading out. The professional score and services score I gave low due to how they handled the packing of the truck. When I'm paying professional movers, I would hope they would do the job in a manner that I would not need to also do their job. I have a photo of how it looked, as well, for reference.

    Ruth L.

    Please send photo and please take photo of box spring fitting in 10ft truck sideways at end... 3 issues here..... 1 can't stand up in 10ft so stacking boxes on furniture makes it impossible to stack to high for boxes.... 2 we had tied up mattress to lock in box wall... 3 box spring you wanted to pick up on your way will not fit sideways at the end of a 10ft so we had to stack weird and use more rope than we typically use on a 20ft truck

    The Spine Savers
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    Sahil A.
  • Amazing service!

    Lexy W.

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