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Based out of Daytona Beach, FL

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My business seeks to help people moving from home to home or home to storage.

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  • Zoo helpers were supposed to show up at 9:00am. After trying to contact them someone finally called me back an hour later. The guys never showed and zoo helpers had to find other people to help me pack a truck. They showed up just after 11:00am. Once there all was good. But waiting and not knowing i

    Janice R.
  • Booked for noon. Did not call or show. I called at 12:45. Was told team was running late due to bigger than expected morning job. Was told they would send others. Had to contact several times to find out arrival time would be 3pm. This caused me to have to add an extra day to UHaul rental. The mover

    Lisa A.
  • Original unloaders from this company dis not show up. However, a call to the owner resulted in owner himself coming to my location with a helper and doing the unloading himself. Great work and attitude. Would certainly use them again.

    Paul C.

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