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We have been in business for over 20 years and provide a dependable, reliable, and safe moving experience.

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  • Mr. Palmer and his team were not only able to fit our move in last minute, they fit our whole move onto the truck. He and his team were professional, friendly and great to work with. Would recommend their team.

    Robin B.
  • They were 2 hours late. It took them 6 hours to load so charged us for an extra 2 hours but didn’t get everything. After they left it took us the entire next day to finish loading because we have an infant. The move last year was more stuff and only took 2 hours to load. The movers were very respectful just slow. We hired movers so we could get it all done in time. We did not accomplish that and still paid $1200. The move down here cost $400 and they did finish it all. Completely different experience than I expected for how much I paid.

    Matthew B.

    Truly sorry for the inconvenience sir, but you all were still packing boxes as we moved your items. We even assisted you with packing, taping, and securing your items, (which falls under packing which should have been an additional charge.) Being packed and prepared is a necessity for accuracy of our team. Within those six hours, we not only helped you pack, tape, and box items, we also loaded 3 bedrooms and closests, Dining room, Living room, Laundry room, storage shed, and garage equipment.

    First Coast Moving Company
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    George B.

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