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Based out of Denver , CO

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Aplanet Movers is comprised of professional movers who are expertly trained using a variety of efficiency techniques to make your move fast, safe and cost-effective! Please allow a 30 mins window!

Loving what you do makes the difference.
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Compensates the Moving Helper® for travel to and from your work site.
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$260.00 USD
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    Nicolas H.
  • Great company! Very communicative and positive energy all around that made my move a piece of cake! Highly recommend. They were able to get everything done quickly and efficiently and loaded up the ubox perfectly!

    Rand H.
  • Eric is professional, friendly, hard working, and trustworthy. The Aplanet movers we received made my moving experience as easy as u could’ve asked for, and was more than worth it for the reasonable price. Cant recommend these guys enough, thank you!

    Bobby P.

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