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We are a group of gentlemen who pride ourselves on having a strong work ethic and handling your personal items with the upmost care. Hope to hear from you!

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  • I accidentally booked help to unload but not to deliver the cubes. I would like to cancel this order so I can book the correct accommodations for my situation. Thank you for your help.

    Anthony P.
  • The ‘helper’ was a no show and did not return my multiple texts and voicemails until hours later. No misunderstandings, just poor business practice as I contacted ‘helper’ the day before to confirm date and time. I am disabled and their lack of professionalism, responsibility, showing up and timely communication cost me money (rented truck that could not be used!), great inconvenience and delay in moving (also cost me money)...domino effect! I will NEVER TRUST UHAUL contractors again - can’t count on them during intense time - and paying a premium price fir services. Definition of UNPROFESSIONAL.

    James W.
  • Very polite, hard working! Made the move fast and easy!

    Jordyn C.

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