Anniemae Movers

Based out of Harvey, IL

We are not a full service moving company but what we do have to offer is Energy! Strength! Patience! and Mobility! We are a group of young and Hard-Working individuals with one goal in mind. SUCCESS!!

Hours of operation

  • Sun - Sat: 10:00am - 10:00pm

Note: Moving Helpers do not provide moving trucks or supplies.


(Max driving distance: 2200 miles)

Moving Helper's travel fee

(Compensates the Moving Helper for travel to and from your work site.)


(Your Moving Helper will contact you to schedule an exact time.)

Subtotal: $18.00

Once you check out Anniemae Movers will contact you within 24 hours to verify time and place of service.

Our Safe Buying Guarantee

When you hire a Moving Helper, we give you a Payment Code .

Payment is not authorized until your move is completed, you are completely satisfied and have given your Helper the Payment Code.

Get cash back!

Submit a review of your Moving Helper after your move and we'll refund your order handling fee.

Plus your reviews help other families looking for moving help.