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We are dynamic movers that doesnt waste any time with getting started.We are located in Little Rock but a team that expands throughout Arkansas.Our services are fast, professional, and efficient.We are flexible with time.We love to treat all items and customers with care on top of our affordable prices.Call us now for your free estimate.

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  • Submitted detailed information on the U-Haul website of what we needed. We had a 26 ft truck, 2-3 bedrooms, 2 flights of stairs. So called 'help' arrived on time. But they moved slow! Only two boxes moved in the first 15 minutes. In the 2 hours we were quoted, they only unloaded about half the truck with my husband doing the majority of that work (not including our large items). I called the owner at the 2-hour mark and told him I didn't want any surprise extra cost. He said that since I was keeping him updated, I should be fine. When the job was 'done' at the 4.5 hr mark (despite my husband doing most of it and them breaking a number of our belongings), the owner still expected to be paid for another couple of hours. They didn't seem to have ever done something like this before. They didn't know how to read room labels. I had to coach them to be gentle with boxes that had big red 'fragile' stickers. My husband had to teach them how to use a moving blanket for large furniture.

    Anne B.
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    Lakera D.
  • cs called to canc. dalcour dynanic movers as they are late, and she unloaded. cx called when they were 45 min late, and shane told cx said they were on thir way. 45 minutes later MH didn't shoe up. She canbceleed with shanve. she did not give payment code. no show by movers.

    Rebecca F.

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