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Based out of Longmont, CO

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Limited Edition Movers are here to help you with your moving necessities. We provide services such as Home,Condo,Apartment and Office moves.

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    $250.00 USD

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$250.00 USD
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  • Only one mover showed. We’re going to have to renegotiate.

    Eran H.
  • The movers were extremely polite and efficient. I couldn’t believe how fast they got the appliances up the stairs!

    Chandler G.
  • I was notified by Kailee at 10:52pm the night before we needed the helpers that they would not be able to make it and could we reschedule. I did not read the text until the next morning right before we were about to head down to start the moving process. We could not reschedule as we had already rented a uhaul and planned around work and move-out schedules. I asked if she had other workers that could take their place or could they just double mask. She apologized and said they were taking necessary precautions and were awaiting the results of the COVID test. An hour and ten minutes later, I asked if they had received the results. She texted they would find out sometime today or tomorrow and she only had one other available helper. Being desperate, I asked if that one helper could help. She texted she was calling them. Eleven minutes later, I texted back to ask if she had gotten in touch with the one worker. Several minutes later with no response yet, I asked about how we get

    Amelie M.

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