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Up and coming efficient professionals dedicated to giving twice the value for your move. With hard work + efficiency we achieve what seems impossible.

Neat, in order and efficienct.  Double the bang on your hard earned dollars.
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  • These guys were fast, but thorough. We had a truck that was a little too big for all our stuff, and they made sure the load was secured before completing the job. I'd highly recommend them.

    Katherine K.

    Thank you for choosing Moving Squared. We greatly appreciate the feedback. It was a pleasure to assist you with your move. Safe travels.

    Moving Squared
  • Overall the experience was great. They arrived on time and finished 20 minutes earlier than planned. I helped move stuff alongside them to speed things up but that was my plan anyway. My things were treated with respect and they did a VERY good job loading the U-haul. I will hire them again for my next move. After talking with them about other moving jobs they've done, be sure to schedule the necessary time it takes to carefully load & unload items. It just takes time if it's a lot of stuff and you want it done carefully. I tipped cash.

    Jacob S.

    Thank you for choosing Moving Squared. We appreciate your feedback. It was an absolute pleasure to assist you with your move. Looking forward to helping out in the future.

    Moving Squared
  • There was a coordination issue on the movers end, they had us down to start at 3pm when we were confirmed via text and the app to start at 10am. Eventually they were able to show up but it was sporadic and we started about 1.5 hours late. They were great when they were able to get there but it was a bit of a stressful morning getting someone to show up.

    Olivia R.

    This completely should have never happened. Our apologies that it was on your account. We were happy to be able to get you loaded and unloaded safely and efficiently twice in the time you needed to have the rental back. We do appreciate your patience.

    Moving Squared

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