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Moving Professionals is a family owned business providing customers with moving services for 10+ years. Let us be your moving service company. We go above and beyond for a 100 percent customer service satisfaction guaranteed!

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  • They arrived promptly, even a little early. They we're able to fit everything into a U-Haul 10ft moving truck. Unloading was quick, and the team brought their own equipment to move some of the larger and heavier pieces. Got a couple of dressers in an upstairs master closet and a desk in an upstairs

    Elva O.

    Thank you Elva for taking the time to review us and appreciate the hard work we do for our customers. It is very much appreciated. Have a good one!

    Moving Professionals
  • They did a good job at packing the trailer efficiently but we’re not gentle with furniture and ended up ruining my coffee table and marking up my desk

    Lucas S.

    We covered everything with blankets and even wrapped it and it was all secure in your trailer. I don't know what happen but definitely shouldn't have been scratched.

    Moving Professionals
  • Rating:
    Ken D.

    Thanks again Ken for choosing Moving Professionals for your moving service!

    Moving Professionals

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