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Based out of Satsuma, FL

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we load and unload any thing you need. We have years of experince. we show up when and where you need us anytime.

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    Michelle P.
  • Was an hour and a half late and brought his child with him. When I questioned the hour and a half, he said that U-Haul states that he can be an hour late so technically he is only a half hour late. Missed my appointment due to the time delay

    Debbi D.

    After the babysitter canceled right before your job we should have canceled doing your job instead of being professional and making sure your job got done you don't appreciate anything that people do we approved bringing my son we asked and you were fine with it you're welcome that we did our job and don't blame us for your poor management of time

    Marty The Mover
  • The mover called me after I made the order to tell me they could not do the job because the home was 2 hours away from their offices.

    Dean A.

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