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Based out of Merced , CA

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Around The Clock Moving Services is a Family Owned and Operated Moving Company Servicing Central California. We Offer Packing/Unpacking, Loading/Unloading Services at a Reasonable Rate.

My name is Tonja. Im the owner of Around The Clock Moving.
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  • The movers were amazing. I could not have done this job without them. They showed up on time, were professional, and put a lot of time and effort into keeping my belongings safe. If I ever move again I am definitely reaching out to Around the Clock Moving Services. Words can't express how much of

    Andrew G.

    Thank you Andrew. We appreciate customers like you very much. Call us anytime. We are Around The Clock Moving.

    Around The Clock Moving Services
  • Excellent service. Very happy

    Richard P.
  • Rating:
    Balraj S.

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