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The most fun and reliable group of guys you could come in contact with we all have done this over 5 plus years therefore we will move with safety and most importantly making it affordable for you and your family

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  • Terrible service. JT texted me at 12:22pm CST ON 8/6/22 stating he was not able to find anyone to assist him with our move unless we would move it to tomorrow. I explained that online said he was available, and that we needed to return the truck & trailer today so we had to have move completed today, not tomorrow. Then he stopped responding completely so I had to cancel, but uhaul still charged my card for his no-show! Went back and read his reviews (online uhaul shows him as 5 star rating, but 10 out of 17 customers (58.82%) have rated him 0 stars for no-showing or cancelling! Very misleading & very bad on Uhaul for allowing such a bad company to continue to be on their platform. Shows that Uhaul DOES NOT CARE about its customers or the service they receive from other companies that Uhaul works with! Very unhappy. Escalated to management and manager said she would have to escalate to higher ups to ask them to call me back within 24-48 hours. Ridiculous

    Nacomi L.
  • They didn’t show up and I got billed anyway to my credit card.

    Rachel B.
  • Moving helper showed availability but when we talked, said he couldn’t work that morning

    Duane Lawson L.

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