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$160.00 USD
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$160.00 USD
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  • They seriously saved the day for us. We needed a last minute booking, the day of our move just hours beforehand, due to our previously booked movers cancelling an hour before scheduled. We received a call, confirming what time we needed them to come, mere minutes after booking them. They were both kind, helpful & not afraid of some hard work. They even stayed an hour extra after their time ended, so that they could try to finish to get our couch in. Overall, extremely pleased with the people & their service provided.

    Riley P.

    Thank you glad we got to help you with your move.

    E n E Movers
  • The job was too last minute for them

    Emory C.
  • They cannot do evening as requested/ordered. Can only do afternoon and we aren't able to move this afternoon.

    ShawnaDave M.

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