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We haved experienced, reliable, and concerned movers here to take some of the stress out of the moving process

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    $210.00 USD

    Note: This provider offers a discounted hourly rate of $100.00 per hour after 2 hours

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$210.00 USD
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  • Movers called me MANY times with excuses: “we’re VERY LATE because 1.)There was a death in the family. 2) There was accident on freeway, huge traffic jam. 3.) They went to WRONG address and showed up there.” They ABANDONED me. They NEVER showed up. This was a CATASTROPHE! This was a NIGHTMARE for my entire family ??????

    Tal R.
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    Denis Z.
  • The movers arrived two hours late. They were unprepared. They complained saying things were ‘ ‘too heavy’ and that this was ‘too big’ of a job. They did not use adequate equipment for the move. In 3 hours, they didn’t even complete one full moving load. I had to move many of the items myself alth

    Erik P.

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