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Based out of Salt Lake City, UT

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Family owned and operated with 50 plus years of combined experience. Professionally trained to pack, pad, and load your belongings safely and securely on the truck or trailer. 100 percent reliable and trustworthy!

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  • Labor Rate:
    $160.00 USD

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    $0.00 USD

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    $250.00 per safe
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    $0.00 USD

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Compensates the Moving Helper® for travel to and from your work site.
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$160.00 USD
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$160.00 USD
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  • Rating:
    santosh r.
  • The A1 mover guys were fabulous! Even though they had moved someone else all morning before moving me, they were courteous, friendly, worked steadily and fast for 3 hours, and did a wonderful packing job in the truck. Yuri and one other man, I apologize I don't remember his name, were my helpers. Th

    Kim D.
  • Rating:
    Joshua L.

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